Main principles when working out occupational qualification standars (OQS)

Estonian OQS: 

The proposal regarding the need for developing or updating of OQS is made by the sector skills council (SSC) based on the proposals of appropriate organisations or persons. A decision regarding development of OQS is passed by the Body of Chairmens of Sector Skills Councils. The OQS is prepared by the working group established by the SSC. The working group includes the specialists of the respective field - employers, specialists and trainers. Kutsekoda organises the work of the working groups.
Development of the OQSs and their referencing to the EstQF takes place in the framework of European Social Fund (ESF) sponsored programme “Development of the occupational qualifications system 2008-2013 “. The programme includes updating the form and methodology of developing occupational qualifications system. Based thereon, OQSs are updated, the methods for assessing competence are improved, inter alia an option is provided for awarding initial occupational qualification upon the completion of a VET or higher education institution. All new OQSs developed are learning outcomes based.